AiS TV – Fire Safety and PV Panel Installations

Our February lecture was presented by RISCAuthority Principal Consultant, Adrian Butler and gave an update on Fire Safety of PV panel installations.

The use of solar PV to generate electricity in the UK has grown rapidly since 2010, with there now being over 1.2 million solar PV installations in the UK.

The presentation covered:

-Hazards and primary contributing factors relating to PV solar roof-mounted system fires, including their battery energy storage systems. Reference will also be made to RISCA documents RC62 – Recommendations for Fire Safety with PV Panel Installations and Need to Know Guide RE3 – Rooftop Mounted PV Solar Systems.

-Key risk control recommendations for PV solar systems with the focus on both commercial rooftop installations however also with application to high net worth.

-Recent fire testing covering CENELEC and awareness of UL accreditation.

AIS TV – Vacant Property Protection present by VPS UK

VPS UK’s core services cover the vacant, unoccupied and void property lifecycle from an initial risk assessment, security, maintenance, cleaning and preparation.

The presentation will give an update on current and future trends in the vacant property sector and what solutions are available to mitigate associated risks.

They will be discussing how to fully support customers with a variety of requirements such as.

  • Vacant Property Security
  • Vacant Property Services
  • Site Security
  • Guardian Security

NSI Bulletin Issue No.8: Evacuation Alert Systems

In this NSI Bulletin they share the latest developments on a certification scheme for evacuation alert systems in high rise buildings launched in response to the Grenfell Tower Phase 1 inquiry report, highlighting the role of Third Party Certification in reassuring buyers, insurers and fire & rescue

Once logged in the Bulletin is available HERE

NSI – Insurance Bulletin Issue 1

Managing Rogue Labour Risk in the Security and Events Industry

The NSI have provided AiS Members with their most recent ‘Insurance Bulletin’ which focuses on Managing Rogue Labour Risk in the Security and Events Industry.

Once logged in the Bulletin is available HERE

NEW Duct cleaning standard – LPS 2084

BRE have launched a new standard for the approval of companies carrying out inspection, cleaning and maintenance of ductwork systems. LPS 2084 is designed to minimise fire risk whilst increasing hygiene and functionality of a building’s ductwork. For further information: