RISCAuthority and FPA GUIDANCE:  Security Guide S35 – Internet of Things – Connected Security Devices and Systems

The RISCAuthority have recently produced a guide, published by The Fire Protection Association, “Security Guide S35 – Internet of Things – Connected Security Devices and Systems” providing guidance that is primarily focused on protection of security devices and systems against attacks targeting fundamental design and operational/maintenance weaknesses. The recommendations provided highlight key factors for insurance professionals and security equipment users to consider for internet-connected security devices in domestic and small/medium commercial premises. 

The Internet of Things (IOT) refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet.  These objects are embedded with sensors and actuators that communicate with computing systems via wired or wireless networks. 

Whist these technologies have made the world a ‘smarter’ and more efficient place, internet-connected security devices present significant challenges around data privacy and vulnerabilities in software that can subsequently lead to unauthorised access allowing a third party to take control. 

The insurance risk management industries, like all sectors are continuously coming across new ‘smart’ security devices may offer more efficient and controllable options, it is essential that these systems meet suitable certifications and are appropriately designed and maintained to minimise the risks of cyber attack, hacking, and other forms of interference.   The guide is currently available as a Free Download on the FPA website and can be downloaded HERE