We are independent of Insurance and Security industries

AiS is a well known and respected body of individual risk control and reduction experts working in the insurance market throughout the UK.

Through its collective expertise and influence, it aims to seek continuous improvement in all aspects of protection of persons and property against insurable risks.

The main way this is done is through the collection, collation and dissemination of information on products and services and developments affecting best practice in the field of risk surveying and consultancy.

Supported entirely by members’ subscriptions, AiS is independent of the Insurance and Security industries, which allows it to focus completely, without fear of outside influence, on the improvement of its members’ skills and their job satisfaction.

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  • Complimentary copies of ‘Fire Risk Management’ magazine
  • A 300 page Compendium of Security Information
  • The AiS Safe Rating List
  • Membership of RISCAuthority
  • Newsletters and bulletins
  • Monthly lectures & presentations

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