AiS TV – Fire Safety and PV Panel Installations

Our February lecture was presented by RISCAuthority Principal Consultant, Adrian Butler and gave an update on Fire Safety of PV panel installations.

The use of solar PV to generate electricity in the UK has grown rapidly since 2010, with there now being over 1.2 million solar PV installations in the UK.

The presentation covered:

-Hazards and primary contributing factors relating to PV solar roof-mounted system fires, including their battery energy storage systems. Reference will also be made to RISCA documents RC62 – Recommendations for Fire Safety with PV Panel Installations and Need to Know Guide RE3 – Rooftop Mounted PV Solar Systems.

-Key risk control recommendations for PV solar systems with the focus on both commercial rooftop installations however also with application to high net worth.

-Recent fire testing covering CENELEC and awareness of UL accreditation.

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