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Data Protection Act

To comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act, it is necessary for us to advise you that personal data will be stored on a computer. If you have any objections, please let us know and your entry will be deleted.

We must emphasise that AiS respects the privacy of its members and will not release a copy of the membership, or any part of it, to third parties. The only exception is The Fire Protection Association whom we keep updated with Members names and addresses to enable them to issue the Fire Risk Management Journal.

However, one of the Aims of the Association is the dissemination of information to its Members. In pursuance of this, we will at the discretion of the Board of Directors release a set of mailing labels to third parties for use on a one-off basis for the issue of information or promotional material, which in the opinion of the Board fulfils this Aim. For example, we will provide both the MLA and the LPC with a set of labels for the issue of the MLA Directory of Approved Locksmiths and the Red Book respectively. The AiS directors may also from time to time release a set of mailing labels to other commercial organisations for the issue of promotional material or AiS may decide to undertake such a mailing on their behalf upon receipt of suitable remuneration.

The labels are released to these organisations on the strict understanding that they will not extract, copy or use the information for any other mailing activity or other purposes.

How to pay

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Every application for a license will be reviewed by the Board of the AiS. The Board of directors shall not be required to give their reasons for the rejection of any applicant for license nor for the refusal to invite renewal of the license. The Board of Directors retain the rights to withdraw access without giving reason and subject to the return of the annual subscription paid. Licenses shall be personal and not representative and are not transferable.