AiS – Security Fogging Code of Practice

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
Security Fogging is a very effective weapon in the arsenal of crime reduction.  However this is only the case if the systems have been specified, designed, installed and serviced correctly.

The majority of installations fulfil this requirement, however there have been a small number of failures of the security fogging systems to operate as intended which was starting to effect consumer and insurer confidence that they would perform as required.

Being a big advocate of the systems we were able to arrange for a number of security fogging machine suppliers and manufacturers to get together and with the help of the Met Police, NPCC, NSI and others we were able develop what has become the AiS Code of Practice.

I would like to thank all of those who were involved for their time, patience and most of all professionalism in helping develop the Code of Practice which should hopefully help installers, specifiers but more importantly consumers understand what is required for an effective Security Fogging System.

An insight into the reasons behind the new code of practice was discussed at our April 2016 meeting.  This is available to view on our YouTube channel

This document is intended to supplement the provisions of BS EN50131-1, CLC/TS 50131-7 and EN 50131-8 as they apply to installations of Security Fogging Systems for use in ‘Hold-up – Building Occupied (EN50131-8: Appendix C, C.6).  A copy of the standard can be downloaded here.

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