The dangers of portable lithium-ion batteries & the wild-west market for their safe storage

Presentation by Dirk Etheber of European Certification Board (ECBS) 

With a huge increase in the use of lithium-ion batteries, that is only set to grow exponentially, the risk to life and property caused by them overheating, igniting & exploding is serious. At present there are no formal standards for the safe storage of portable lithium-ion batteries. Hazardous & flammable materials cabinets and fire-resistant cupboards are not fit for purpose and can even make the storage more dangerous. Currently most companies storing portable batteries are not taking any safety measures to prevent fires. But even where they do a wild-west market exists with manufacturers and retailers able to freely make unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of their cabinets to consumers and insurers alike.

This talk will give you a brief insight into the dangers of portable lithium-ion batteries when they overheat and why the insurance industry needs an independent standard for their safe storage. It will explain the research, progress, challenges and limitations of the working group hoping to create the first European standard for the safe storage of Portable Lithium Ion Batteries. And most importantly the next steps and timelines to its release.

This event will be hosted live at BT Redcare HQ and we welcome all members and guests to attend in person.  Whilst the event will also be simultaneously streamed live on Teams for those who cannot attend, attending in person is a great opportunity to network and catch up with fellow members over refreshments which are being provided afterwards by BT RedCare on the 17th floor with views over London.

Address: One Braham, Braham St, London E1 8EE

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